Creating a Business or Non-Profit organization

We have helped many of our clients start their own business or non-profit organization and have made sure they’re in compliance with all state and federal tax laws.  We can advise on selecting an entity classification for a new business (e.g. sole proprietorship, limited liability company, corporation, etc.), taking into consideration expected revenue, growth, and number/type of owners.  

Individual/Business Tax Returns

On our individual/business tax side, we work best with clients where we have an ongoing dialogue throughout the year.  Where we have had the most success in creating tax savings has been through tax planning.  Whether you're buying or selling real estate, purchasing equipment for your business, or drafting a trust to protect your assets, there are often tax strategies which can be implemented to help with the tax consequences of these transactions/events. 

We aim to hire individuals who plan on staying for five years or longer and similarly want clients who aim for a long lasting relationship with their tax advisor. 

Trust & Estate Work

We prepare a lot of trust income tax returns, but no longer prepare any estate income tax returns.  

Divorce Consulting

We're contributing authors to the Tax Section of the Hawaii Divorce Manual, which is available in print from the Hawaii State Bar Association.