Accounting & Auditing

Accurate, complete, and timely accounting have become more important than ever to the small business owner and non-profit manager.  We can help you with your internal accounting needs and with the external financial reporting for lenders and granting agencies.  Many of our clients are asking us to become their Chief Financial Officer as this role is often hard to fill with in-house staffing.  We have significant experience in the accounting for and auditing of non-profit organizations that receive federal funds.


We prepare and plan for tax returns dealing with trusts & estates, businesses (partnerships & corporations), and individuals.  We are most effective with clients we work with throughout the year in an ongoing dialogue to make sure they are not missing tax planning opportunities.  Click here to learn more about our tax department and the services we provide.


The proper use of technology is one of the largest concerns of every client.  If you want to learn what various technologies can do for you, we can help.  We can help you identify the technology you need, help you implement it, and help you maintain it.  We are certified resellers of the Sage 100 Standard ERP and Sage 100 Advanced ERP accounting software (formerly known as MAS 90 & MAS 200). We can also assist you with custom report writing, database management, and the technical aspects of your computerized systems.