We believe our core business is helping people; which is two-fold: taking care of our clients and taking care of the individuals who do the work.  Therefore, we ensure our hiring practice is thorough and thoughtful.  Our hiring criteria focuses on (1) the technical knowledge of the applicant, (2) how the applicant communicates their knowledge to clients and colleagues, and (3) whether the applicant will thrive in our work community.  We believe a good fit ensures the development of both the firm and the person.  Below are the individuals who work at CGA.  


Elise, Office Manager 
Ben, Office Assistant

Accounting & Auditing 

Ron Gouveia, CPA.CITP
Ronelle, CPA                  
Romelene, CPA


Dave Carr, CPA/PFS, CFP(R) 
Chris, CPA
Andrea, CPA
Brent, CPA
Madelaine, CPA
Michiko, CPA


Bob Gouveia